Nicholas Rockefeller - CBS Television City - Hollywood, California

Nicholas Rockefeller (center) photographed with the ClipBandits at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California. Nicholas Rockefeller was the attorney representing the ClipBandits at this appearance on the Tyra Banks Show, getting the proper releases in place and signed, giving the ClipBandits the rights to their musical performance as the World's First Internet Band. The ClipBandits wanted to retain the rights to publish the appearance online in trade for being willing to meet and perform together for the first time. ClipBandits became YouTube sensations with the release of their first video, Internet Killed the Video Star. They were a unique band in that none of the members had ever met each other, didn't know each others' names or where each other lived. They created their original music and videos by syncing one another's video clips via YouTube. The ClipBandits were not interested in meeting and performing unless they retained rebroadcast rights of the performance. Nicholas Rockefeller authored the needed documents and had them signed by producers of the show prior to the performance. Nicholas Rockefeller is a California attorney. Nicholas Rockefeller Wikipedia Revision


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