ClipBandits - One Year Later

J-Pe$o and ClipBandit collaborate in person on September 10, 2007, one year to the day of "Live Web Jam I", which later lead to the formation of the ClipBandits, The Worlds First Web Band. The video on the right was the first video ClipBandit unknowingly swiped from J-Pe$o's YouTube account and turned it into another video, improvising a solo along with it. The jam session on the left was the first time ClipBandit and J-Pe$o had seen each other in person since meeting on stage and performing live on the Tyra Banks Show almost one year prior. The episode of "The Jeffersons" that was on the large screen behind them just happened to be on while they were jamming and was not intentionally put there. It seemed to fit well in an odd way and adds an interesting dynamic to the video.

"Direction" and "Higher" written and produced by Joshua Keller and Nick Matzorkis (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

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