ClipBandits featured in “The Future of Live Music” in 2020
15 years after forming the first Internet band


ClipBandits Featured in Educational Textbook - "Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools"

"On October 18, 2006, YouTube featured a music video by ClipBandits, a band with three young men that called itself "The World's First Web Band" because they formed the group, developed the music, and created the video all online. In fact, they had never met, didn't know one another's real names, and lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. They were searching for a drummer by soliciting audition videos. In three days, nearly 500,000 people watched the video and almost 1,700 people posted ratings (it got four out of five stars). This is the world our students live in. How did we get here? And just what does this mean for education?"

"Direction" and "Higher" written and produced by Joshua Keller and Nick Matzorkis (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

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